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It began from a desire to solve a problem. The demand was growing so rapidly that it was crippling the system. So we developed this program, that provides law enforcement agencies the resources required to offer residents an expedited alternative. In doing so we are closing the gap between desire and demand.

  • Fast and efficient. I applied Sep 7. Picked up Nov 29. I like how I have control of when my appointments would be so I don't lose vacation time at work. To me this offsets the added cost. Vacation time = money after all. Thank you Rod Crisp for making everything go smoothly. As an aside, Murrieta PD staff are very approachable and professional also.

    thumb Frank F Alvar
  • 5 star review  Great job!

    thumb Joanne Reveldez
  • 5 star review  The CCW Program is laid out very well. It is informative and efficient. The Police Officers involved are very knowledgeable and very willing to assist in anyway they can to provide answers to questions and provide guidance. The instructors are excellent! They are knowledgeable and care about the proper success for all individuals enrolled in the CCW Program. If this is a program that you are interested in, the Murrieta Police Department is doing it right!

    thumb Gregg Tamai
  • 5 star review  Murrieta Police Department made my experience a good one. They where so helpful through all the paperwork process and it was very expedient process.

    thumb Pete Pharris
  • 4 star review  The overall process is streamlines and efficient. I was surprised when I received an email and a phone call a day after I submitted my application from the investigator to schedule the initial interview. The process is clearly laid out and was more dependant on me completing the steps. In about a month, I completed the Live Scan, psych eval and safety course, my application packet was sent off to Murrieta PD for review and decision. There was a brief period where the dashboard was not displaying any information but that was corrected pretty quickly. It's been about a month since the Murrieta PD has had my application and I'm waiting patiently for their decision. This is a great option that has streamlined and simplified the CCW application process, plus it has relieved some load from the Riverside Sherrif's Dept.

    thumb Jim Leung
  • 5 star review  Hello all, Let me just say that the streamline process with the city of Beaumont Police Department for my CCW was very thorough and professional. My investigator was just an incredible person to meet with and he kept in touch at all times. In fact the entire process was very professional as well. All whom I came in contact with thank you, stay safe! Anthony Mendoza

    thumb Anthony Mendoza
  • 5 star review  Let me start off by saying I couldn’t have been happier with this streamlined alternative to obtaining my CCW (concealed carry weapons license). I honestly did not think I would ever have the chance to receive my CCW because CA is not gun friendly at all. That being said thanks to myccw and the Murrieta Police Department I was able to obtain my CCW in roughly 3 months. If you have done your research you’re probably aware the Riverside sherrifs department has a 2-3 year waiting period just for your initial interview. By utilizing this streamlined alternative I submitted my application and writhing 24 hours was contacted by my background investigator for my initial interview. After my initial interview I then proceeded to do my live scan, shooting qualifications, and psych review in less then a WEEK. Once completed all I had to do was wait for my results and decision from the Police Department. In roughly 3 months I was notified by snail mail that my license request was approved! I couldn’t be happier with the overall process to obtain my CCW and I owe it all to myccw and the Murrieta Police Department for making it possible. If you live in one of the cities utilizing this program I highly suggest you take full advantage of it as it makes getting a CCW that much easier. Pros: -staff was very helpful through the process -streamlined process -receive your CCW in 3 months or less if approved Cons: EXPENSIVE (roughly 750-1,000$ after all said and done) Conclusion: if you want your CCW and the city you live in is partnered with myccw I highly recommend you utilize this service. Couldn’t say enough good things about it. ****TIP**** when looking for a place to take your weapons qualifications this is where you can save a lot of money. Make sure you do your research and call around for the best price. HINT- the most cost effective company to utilize for your weapons qualifications is in the city of Riverside! Thanks again for making this process possible

    thumb Dustin Wyatt
  • 5 star review  The whole process with Murrieta and all involved was fantastic. Everyone was very professional.

    thumb Scott Carlson


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