Is my address within the city limits?

Not all Murrieta addresses are located within the City of Murrieta and the Murrieta Police Department jurisdiction. Murrieta addresses outside these city limits are considered unincorporated, and fall within the jurisdiction of the County of Riverside and the Riverside County Sheriff.

If your address is unincorporated outside of the Murrieta city limits, you will need to apply with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

You can check address eligibility by following the steps below:

  • Step 2: Click “Search by Address” in the top left corner of the Murrieta GIS Data Search map.

Address Verifier Map

  • Step 3: Enter your primary address (numerics and street name only) in the text field and click “Find”.

Enter Address

  • Step 4: If results are found the address is “ELIGIBLE”.

Address Eligible

  • Step 5: If no results are found the address is “INELIGIBLE”.

Address Ineligible

If you are still unsure about your address eligibility, make a request for address verification by emailing us at